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Though manygems, there is one that sits like a queen along the Coast of Oregon; Bandon by the Sea. From the breath taking beaches with natural silky sand to the romantic sidewalks along the water, the city of Bandon has adorned herself as the ruler of the Oregon Coast.



Centered in the middle of the town, stands the DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN. With its 22 most comfortable rooms, the DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN stands out as the one jewel that is hidden among the others yet shinning brighter than the rest. Like the planet Venus in the early morning, ruling the wide spread and star filled sky. The DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN shines with the others, yet brighter than all.  Discovered by many who enjoyed the unparalleled comfort and its strategic location to fulfill their dreams. The DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN is where Business, rest, and romance meet. 



I heard one business man say “I was able to rest like I had not been able to do for a long time. I parked my car at the DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN, and just walked into old town. I had good food, beautiful scenery, and a relaxing time. When I came back to my room at DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN, I was ready to get my rest for my meeting the next day. I went into my room and laid my head on the bed, not sure what happened, but slept like a baby. In the morning I was refreshed more than ever before. Due to the rest,I stood out and shined like a star in my meeting.All my colleagues wanted to know my secret; I told them DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN.”



I was told of what a weary traveler had said; “I have been traveling for days. I slept in many hotels, motels and inns and I could not get the rest I needed. As I arrived in Bandon Oregon I went to the DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN and booked a room. I was tired and could not drive. I parked our carat DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN and my wife and I walked into Old Town. I enjoyed a walk, dinner, and a beer. When we came back to our room I was able to sleep and woke up the next morning ready to go. My wife and I talked about it and we decided to stay at DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN for two more nights. Why you may ask? The rest I have been looking for was found at Lighthouse Cove Inn; good location, good beds, good sheets, good rooms and I surely had a good night. DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN is where I recommend for any person who is looking for a good place to enjoy the area and to have a good night's sleep.”



I was talking to one of our customers as he was booking a room. This handsome young man told me that he knows exactly how to impress his young lady. I asked how? He told me, staying at the DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN and taking her for a walk through the down town area. He explained that DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN has a certain feel to the place. He brought his girlfriend a few months ago and the Inn had such a romantic feel to it that he had the courage to propose to her. He explained that he feels the DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN is a place that all lovers should stay. "Love is in the air at the DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN."   



It was starting to get dark as the sky started changing colors. The reflection of the sky on the water was amazing. I could see almost all the colors of the rainbow.  I was standing outside the office when I noticed that the fog started to come in. I watched as the fog got thicker and thicker and as I looked at the entryway of the Inn, I could see a silhouette moving toward the office.

The silhouette got closer and closer and now I could see that it resembled a man. This man was walking differently. As the silhouette became clearer I stood almost in shock. The man walking toward the office looked just like a pirate.

I stood behind the desk in shock as he walked in wanting to book a room. The pirate did not say a word. He stood there looking at me and after few minutes of awkward silence he said "room." I told him the price he put five times the amount of money requested on the counter. I told him that I would need a credit card for security, and he put a Visa card issued by Pirates of theCaribbean Bank. After few nights of staying at DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN the pirate came into the office and said “Harr, Harr, me been weary, young lad, and hard time I had. I've traveled the worlds and many cots I knew, andme hated eating stew." He leaned over and looked into my eyes with his non-covered eye and continued "good sleep indeed, me pirate no need. The name of this establishment me need, among me friends I seed "  I told him "the name is LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN."



He walked out singing "Hi how, hi how, me boat on the water I row. 

                                    fromDRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN me Go, to the depth I row I row...."


I watched as he walked towards the entrance. I noticed that the fog had returned and slowly he walked into the fog and started to fade away. The sound of the song he was singing moved away further and further until I could not hear it anymore.

Some say that these are crazy stories and I say, these are my stories and I am sticking to them. 

            "Hi ho, hi ho, me to the DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN I go." 


When you come and see me at DRIFTWOOD LIGHTHOUSE COVE INN, I might just have another story that would be good for you to hear. If you believe it you and I might just see that fog coming in with another visitor. 



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